A transplant for fred !!

Thank you for your support and generosity!

In 2015, when the Bouchard family was expecting their second child, their lives changed. They learned that Fred was suffering from PAH. Overnight,

Fred who was an active, athletic and healthy dad had to learn to live with his illness. At that time, treatments were offered to her and her condition stabilized. In the summer of 2018, Fred's health has greatly deteriorated. No more treatment could help because a new diagnosis was falling out of PAH was secondary to MVOP (Very rare disease affecting 1 in 1 million cases). The prognosis is dark and the only treatment is lung transplantation. Since then, several meetings outside the Saguenay have been necessary.

To access his transplant, Fred and his wife will have to get closer to the CHUM for an indefinite time. During this period, their 2 young children will remain in the Saguenay with their immediate family. This fundraising campaign will allow them to cover the costs of accommodation, food, gasoline and to fill the salary losses. In short, the goal is to allow them to leave with peace of mind and thus be able to focus fully on the transplant process.

Thank you for your support and generosity!


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Benoit Tessier

March 30th 2019



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