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My heart melts

It has been 16 years that our Christian community have sent us here to Canada to be in mission. We were newly wed and starting a family. I am a FILIPINO AND MY WIFE IS A CANADIAN. My kids, four boys were all born here in Québec. As you have realized Manila (Philippines) and Quebec (Canada) are not neighbors. We have a 12 hours difference and around 18-24 hours travel time. Meaning going there can be too expensive for a missionary like us. Even half of the expenses will be shouldered by our community. Our boys have not visited their father's country and every single veins in me wanted to show them their heritage. They have not met most of their cousins and relatives. It has been quite awhile they were asking when they can visit. My heart melts when I cannot assure them that we will go there someday to see the culture, discover the islands and the people. Now there is a hope youcan help fullfill this desir and hope it can be succesfull.


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