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Here are three of the biggest feature:


We have created one of the easiest platform to start your fundraising online. We have great tools for you to share with your friends and family to get donations. At any moment you can change your goal, duration, title, picture, and description easily. It's completely free to start a fundraising


One of our great feature compared to competition is our personal coach. Once you have created your fundraising, we will assign you a coach which will help you to leverage your fundraising. Our coaches are really well trained and know how to get the maximum of your fundraising


PleaseFundMe is the platform that will turn your fundraising into reality!

We are so proud to be offering a free platform for you raise money. We do not charge any commissions on your donations. The only fees you will see are the standard credit card transaction fees. We believe that you deserve all your money raised.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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