Frequently Asked Questions

You'll find answers to our most commons questions below:

1 What is PleaseFundMe?

If a crowdfunding platform. Crowdfunding lets you collect donation for a cause. You need to create a fundraising and invite people to give you donations.

2 Is it safe for me to donate?
Our platform is 100% secure with our bank vault.
3 How to make a successful fundraising?
Each fundraising gets a coach assigned, discuss with him to get the best strategies.
4 Do I need an account to donate?
Yes, every donators needs to have an account, we will send you your donation details by email.
5 Are there fees to raise money?
There is no fee for fundraisers only standard transaction fees.
*Plus applicable taxes
6 Can I raise money for any cause?
Yes, you can create any type of fund-raising. There is no limit on our platform.
7 When can I withdraw my donations?
You can withdraw funds at any time.
8 How do I withdraw my money?
You only have to add your bank information and we will deposit directly to your bank account.
9 My campaign seems to lose momentum. What should I do?
Talk with your personal coach from PleaseFundMe.
10 How do I make my donation anonymous?
Every donation has the option to be anonymous. On the payment page check the box to be anonymous. You can also set your account to always be anonymous in your account settings.

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