1.        GENERAL


Users may browsethe website the "Website") without the need to create an account. Amember refers to any user who creates a user account. The term "User"in this Policy is intended for both users and members.


Theconfidentiality of User information is important to PLEASEFUNDME INC.(hereinafter "PLEASEFUNDME") and it makes every effort to preserve itand to protect any information that they may decide to communicate to it.


The collection ofinformation is done solely within the framework of the activities ofPLEASEFUNDME and for the sole purpose of responding to User requests incompliance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic DocumentsAct (hereinafter the "Federal Law") and the Act Respecting TheProtection Of Personal Information In The Private Sector (hereinafter the"Provincial Act").


(Hereinaftercollectively referred to as the "Law")


This PrivacyPolicy (hereinafter the "Policy") describes how PLEASEFUNDMEcollects, uses, stocks and, where applicable, discloses and transfers personalinformation (hereinafter "Personal Information") when the Useraccesses the Website. Is a Personal Information any information which relatesto a natural person and allows that person to be identified (article 2 of theProvincial Law).


The User isrequested to read this Policy carefully and not to hesitate to sendPLEASEFUNDME any question about its content. This Policy takes effect from thedate mentioned above. PLEASEFUNDME reserves the right to modify the Policywithout notice. It is therefore the responsibility of the User to read thePolicy regularly, and this, carefully. The use of the Services after thepublication of the modifications made to this Policy will be deemed acceptanceof the user's modifications.


If the User doesnot agree with the terms of this Policy, he / she is requested not to use theServices.


PLEASEFUNDME isresponsible for the Personal Information collected and it is with this in mindthat it ensures the processing of data collected and compliance with thisPolicy.




PLEASEFUNDME onlycollects the necessary Personal Information provided on a voluntary basis,according to the applicable law, when the User interacts with the PLEASEFUNDMEServices or when he contacts PLEASEFUNDME. In addition, by using the Servicesand registering, the User chooses to share his data such as, in particular, thename of the company, the contact person, the address, the email, the website, adescription relating to the Services offered or requested. In this case,PLEASEFUNDME undertakes to respect a protocol for securing recognized andreliable internet exchanges. This information is also subject to this Policy.


By browsing theSite, certain information is collected through log files and cookie files (formore information, see the "Cookies" section below). This includes,but is not limited to, the following information:


·        IP and MAC address;

·        Operating system;

·        Visited pages andqueries;

·        Time and day ofconnection;

·        Internet serviceprovider.


As most of thisinformation is used in a global manner to optimize the Services, some are usedto enhance the user's experience or in order to offer him productscorresponding to his preferences.


The Services maycontain links to other websites. PLEASEFUNDME is not responsible for theprivacy policies of these other websites. It is strongly recommended that youread the privacy policies of these other sites that may collect PersonalInformation. They may use cookies or collect information in other ways,including asking for information on the site. This policy applies only toPersonal Information collected by PLEASEFUNDME. The User is therefore invitedto inquire about their policies and practices regarding personal informationbefore providing them with any Personal Information.


PersonalInformation is collected from the User. However, PLEASEFUNDME may, without itsconsent, collect this information from a third party if the law allows it.PLEASEFUNDME may do the same if it has a serious and legitimate interest and ifone or the other of the following conditions occurs:


a)   The information iscollected in the interest of the User and can not be collected from the User ina timely manner;


b)   Third-party pickup isrequired to ensure the accuracy of the information.


PLEASEFUNDMErecueille uniquement les Renseignements Personnels nécessaires fournis sur unebase volontaire, suivant le droit applicable, lorsque l’Utilisateur interagitavec les Services de PLEASEFUNDME ou lorsqu’il contacte PLEASEFUNDME. De plus,en utilisant les Services et


2.1     Cookies


It is possiblethat cookies (small text files stored on the computer that records certain information)may be used to quickly identify the User as a unique user or to save certaininformation about the session and / or use of PLEASEFUNDME Services.


Cookies arecreated when the User accesses the Services of PLEASEFUNDME. These cookies helpPLEASEFUNDME to improve the quality of its services and make it possible, inparticular, to make recommendations to the User.


The"Help" section of the toolbar of most browsers can indicate how toprevent the browser from accepting new cookies, how to activate the alert thatwarns when a new cookie is created, or how to disable all cookies. In return,if the User does not authorize the use of cookies, certain functions of the Websitewill not be available.


Partners ofPLEASEFUNDME may be allowed to install and access their cookies on the User'scomputer. The use of these cookies by these third parties is subject to theirown policies regarding personal information and not to this Policy.




It is notnecessary to provide Personal Information to navigate on the Website. However,to the extent applicable law, the User will not be able to register and / orenjoy certain features of the Services.


The informationcollected can be used:


a)   To provide the Servicesor information requested, and to process and perform any related transaction;


b)   To verify the identityof the User for customer service;


c)   To prevent or detect anattempted hacking or breach of security or any security risk in connection withthe Services and for the purposes of loss prevention and the fight againstfraud;


d)   In order to communicatewith the User more effectively, for example to send important notices such ascommunications about purchases or changes to policy conditions, or to respondto emails, questions, queries, comments and provide customer service;


e)   To generate anonymousstatistics on the use of the Services and to assist PLEASEFUNDME to create,develop, use, deliver and improve its products, services, content andadvertising;


f)    To conduct surveys,competitions and draws;


g)   In order to personalizeand improve the User's Services and experience, offer advertisements,newsletters, promotions, awards, prizes or other*;


h)   To disclose informationin connection with a court order application, a request from a regulatory body,or as part of the administration of the Act for the purpose of protecting andassisting in the protection the PLEASEFUNDME systems as well as the public orto enforce a right, at the discretion of PLEASEFUNDME;


i)     Any other purposedescribed in this Policy or for which PLEASEFUNDME has informed the User of thecollection, use, sharing and / or consent of PLEASEFUNDME.


* Electronic newsletter: In order to respect theapplicable laws, if the User chooses to receive electronic promotionalnewsletters from PLEASEFUNDME, when using the Services or when creating anaccount, for example, PLEASEFUNDME may use the information given to communicateto the User information about promotional offers, special discounts, newproducts and other newsworthy events depending on the preferences of the user.At any time, if the User no longer wishes to receive these newsletters, he canclick on the link in an email received from PLEASEFUNDME. This link willprovide instructions to stop receiving newsletters. In addition, the User maysend to PLEASEFUNDME the User's request concerning the cessation of receipt ofthe newsletters to the following address: [email protected]


Even if the User decides not to receive newslettersfrom PLEASEFUNDME any more, he will still receive non-promotional communicationsfrom him, such as order confirmations and / or important notificationsconcerning the Services and / or its account.


It should be notedthat PLEASEFUNDME, its partners or its employees are likely to consult theinformation of the User in the performance of their tasks in order to make itbenefit from PLEASEFUNDME Services more adequately.


PersonalInformation collected by PLEASEFUNDME will be used and stored for a period oftime necessary for the purposes described in this Policy and in accordance withthe requirements of the Federal Law, specifically as per section 4.5 ofSchedule 1.




PLEASEFUNDME willnot sell or rent to anyone the personal information of the User collected, butit may be passed on to a third-party representative for marketing or as ahelper in cases of technical problem solving. If this is the case, under nocircumstances will PLEASEFUNDME grant these third-parties the right to discloseor use this information. PLEASEFUNDME requires them to comply with and approvethe terms of this Policy.


·        Buying or sellingbusiness


It is possiblethat PLEASEFUNDME buys or sells one or more companies, the User's PersonalInformation may then be transferred as part of a transaction of this kind. Inthe case of a business purchase, the Personal Information collected by thatbusiness will be treated in accordance with this Policy, to the extentpossible. If PLEASEFUNDME sells a business or subsidiary, it will include inthe contract stipulations to the effect that the buyer must treat the PersonalInformation collected under the same conditions as provided in this Policy, asfar as possible. The provisions of this paragraph shall also apply ifPLEASEFUNDME is sold in liquidation proceedings.


·        Cases of sharingrequired by law or concerning the safety and security of the User

It should be notedthat in certain situations, under the Act, PLEASEFUNDME may collect, use ordisclose certain personal information without the knowledge of the individual withouthis or her consent. Here are some examples:


a)   In the interests of theindividual and, within an appropriate period of time, it is impossible toobtain consent;


b)   If there is a risk ofcompromising the accuracy of the information by seeking the consent of theindividual, for example, in the course of an investigation of a breach ofcontract or an offense under both a provincial and federal Act;


c)   The life, security orhealth of a person is threatened;


d)   In order to comply witha subpoena, collect a debt or a money order or other order of a court or whererequired by law.




PersonalInformation collected is deemed essential and PLEASEFUNDME protects it as wellas protecting its own confidential information. It also ensures that the thirdparties with whom it does business protect the Personal Information of the Userwith the same rigor as that described in this Policy.


The User isresponsible for the content he chooses to share or publish.


Despite all theefforts of PLEASEFUNDME to protect the Personal Information of the User, it cannot guarantee that no breach will occur. If such a thing should happen,PLEASEFUNDME will warn that the information of the User may be at risk.PLEASEFUNDME strongly recommends to secure the user's accounts as well as hispersonal information by means of passwords.






Subject to theexceptions provided for in the Law, the User has a right of access to hisPersonal Information collected about him. Upon request, PLEASEFUNDME informsthe User of the existence, if this is the case, of his Personal Information,the use that is made of it and the fact that it has been communicated to thirdparties. The User is also responsible for the information transmitted as totheir accuracy, in particular for any correspondence or delivery address. TheUser must therefore notify PLEASEFUNDME if changes need to be made.


If the User wishesto dispute, consult, correct or delete the Personal Information about himcollected by PLEASEFUNDME, send him his request to [email protected]


PersonalInformation will then be corrected, revised or deleted in accordance withapplicable law. However, PLEASEFUNDME will not be able to keep any informationin its files for dispute resolution or application of PLEASEFUNDME agreements,due to technical or legal requirements or facts related to security, integrity orthe operation of the Services of the latter.


The request of theUser will be processed within thirty (30) days.




In order to fullyutilize the Services, the creation of an Account is necessary and therefore adisclosure of the Personal Information by the User. However, the User is notobliged to provide this Personal Information, but understands that he will notbe able to take full advantage of the features offered by the PLEASEFUNDMEServices. If this is the case, he can only browse the Website.




This privacypolicy will be interpreted in accordance with the laws of Quebec and Canada. Inthe case of confidentiality disputes, they will be subject to this PrivacyPolicy and PLEASEFUNDME Terms and Conditions and will be settled by thecompetent court sitting in the judicial district of Quebec, excluding the rulesof conflict. of laws.




The User maycontact PLEASEFUNDME for any complaint or if he has any questions regardingthis privacy policy. The User can communicate with PLEASEFUNDME via thefollowing email address: [email protected]