1.        GENERAL


The website www.pleasefundme.ca(hereinafter the "Website"), maintained by PLEASEFUNDME INC.(hereinafter "PLEASEFUNDME"), serves as an easy-to-use fundraisingplatform for any person or organization seeking funding for a campaign or a project(the fundraising campaign or the project being collectively hereinafterreferred to as the "Campaign").


The use of the Websiteis subject to these terms and conditions (hereinafter the "Terms ofUse"), which must be respected by any user, whether a member or anon-member, since the navigation of the Website does not require the creationof an account (hereinafter "the User").


A member refers toany User who creates a user account (hereinafter the "Member"). It istherefore understood that the obligations of Users apply to Members.


By deciding tobrowse the Website, the User agrees to be bound by the Terms of Use andacknowledges having read and understood these Terms of Use. If the User doesnot wish to be bound by them, he is requested not to use the Website.




The Terms of Useand the Privacy Policy (see the "Policy" tab on the Website for thispurpose) are subject to change without notice. If this were the case, in termsof significant changes, PLEASEFUNDME undertakes to publish these changes on thehomepage, in the margin of the latter and / or to send the Member acorrespondence relating to these changes, either in his mailbox in connectionwith his account or the email address provided at registration. For minorchanges, no notice will be published. It is therefore the duty of the User toregularly consult these sections of the Website in order to be informed of thelatest changes. Any changes to these Terms of Use will be effective uponposting of the notice of changes on the Website. Use of the Website followingthe posting of any changes to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy shallconstitute acceptance by the User of such changes.




3.1     Création of anAccount


As mentionedabove, browsing the Website is possible without being a Member. However, togain access to certain features of the Website, the User must create an account(the "Account") using a valid email address and completing the formfor this purpose.


By creating anAccount, the User becoming a Member agrees to:


a)   Be solely responsiblefor the Account, the confidentiality and security of the Account and allactivity related to its use;

b)   Immediately notify usof any unauthorized use of his Account by contacting us via the following emailaddress: [email protected];


c)   Provide truthful,accurate and up-to-date information and inform us of any changes to thisinformation;


d)   Accept the Terms ofUse.


The User or theMember is invited to consult the Privacy Policy of PLEASEFUNDME. The Member isnot authorized to give access to the Account to third parties.


3.2     Obligations ofthe Member


Following thecreation of the Account, the Member also undertakes to:


a)   Not to harmPLEASEFUNDME in any way;


b)   Not to infringe theintellectual property of PLEASEFUNDME or any other third party;


c)   Publish or distributeobscene or defamatory material, including sexually suggestive or pornographicmaterial;


d)   Publish or distributeany material that incites violence, hatred or discrimination of any group;


e)   Not to exhibit, forexample, intimidation, harassment or hate speech towards other Members;


f)    Not to post illegalcontent or that would violate these Terms of Use;


g)   Not to post third-partycontent;


h)   Not to introducecontent on the Website that may be harmful to a third party;


i)     Use the servicesoffered by the Website respecting the rights of each;


j)     Not to use the Websiteto promote or sell to Members;


k)   Download or transmitcomputer viruses or any other software that could damage the property ofPLEASEFUNDME or others;


l)     Not to use the Websiteto organize or create gaming, lottery or other competitions;


The Member isresponsible for the content he publishes. PLEASEFUNDME reserves its right todelete any content published by a Member that contravenes these obligations.


3.3     Suspension orcancellation of an Account


Any material thatis illegal, does not respect the rights of others and is defamatory ornon-respectful will not be tolerated. In case of non-compliance with theseTerms of Use, PLEASEFUNDME reserves its right to prohibit access to the Userfor a period deemed necessary.


The User agrees tocompensate PLEASEFUNDME for any loss or damage suffered as a result ofnon-compliance with the Terms of Use.


If PLEASFUNDME hasreasonable grounds to believe that a User has provided false, erroneous orinaccurate information, or that a Created Account is false, PLEASEFUNDMEreserves its right to deny access to that Account or User, for a period deemednecessary, and not to follow up on any request.


3.4     Termination ofan Account


The Member mayterminate his Account at any time. The Member therefore becomes a User andremains governed by the Terms of Use.


PLEASEFUNDMEreserves its right to delete an account that has been inactive for 2 years,without notice.




4.1     Generalconditions


The Websiteserving as a platform between Members, the Campaign Creator (hereinafter the"Creator") uses the Website to submit a description of its Campaignby indicating the information required on the form.


The Creator musthave the legal capacity to contract as the publication of a Campaign results inthe formation of a contract between Members.


4.2     Limitation ofliability


PLEASEFUND ME cannot be held responsible for the content or information related to a Campaignpublished by a Creator.


By posting aCampaign on the Website, the Creator agrees that PLEASEFUNDME may use thisCampaign for promotional or advertising purposes and that any User may haveaccess to it.


The Campaign canbe deleted directly by the Creator or PLEASEFUNDME, upon request, thus endingthe Campaign.


4.3     Publication


A Creator'sCampaign is published when the form has been submitted to PLEASEFUNDME. Indoing so, each Campaign then becomes public and put online. PLEASEFUNDMEreserves its right to review each publication to comply with these terms ofuse.


The Creator agreesthat PLEASEFUNDME may cancel the published Campaign or request changes to itbased on the PLEASEFUNDME review of the Campaign.


4.4     Remittance offunds to the Creator


The Creator canrecover the funds raised through his Campaign by sending his request toPLEASEFUNDME, via the form available for this purpose on the Website. Uponreceipt of the request, PLEASEFUNDME pays the funds to the Creator within 5working days via bank transfer.


PLEASEFUNDME doesnot take any commission, therefore fees of 2.9% of the amount raised, $ 0.30per transaction and applicable taxes will be charged to the funds to betransmitted to the Creator.


If the Creatordoes not claim the funds raised with his Campaign within 2years of inactivity of his Account, PLEASEFUNDME will consider the accountinactive and will be able to keep all the funds collected via the Campaign.


5.        DONORS


5.1     Donation


To make adonation, the User must be a Member. Donor Members (hereinafter the "Donors")are free to choose the Campaign and the amount for which they wish to donate,whether anonymously or not.


The act of makinga donation to a Campaign results in the formation of a contract between theDonor and the Creator, PLEASEFUNDME acting only as an intermediary.


Donations can bemade by credit card, bank transfer, via Paypal or Interac. Itshould be noted that external websites process payments online and PLEASEFUNDMEcan not be held responsible for the operation of these external websites duringpayment. It is therefore strongly advised to consult the conditions of use andpolicies related to the confidentiality of information on said external websites.


Donating to aCampaign is final and this donation is not refundable to the Donor, except inthe event that a Campaign is canceled by PLEASEFUNDME.


5.2     Source ofdonations


Donors, by makinga donation, guarantee that the source of the amounts paid is not illegal andPLEASEFUNDME can not be held responsible for verifying the source of saidamounts.


5.3     Limitation ofliability


PLEASEFUNDME cannot be held responsible for how donations will be used by the Creator, how theCampaign will be carried out and whether it will be realized. As previouslymentioned, PLEASEFUNDME only acts as an intermediary between the parties.




PLEASEFUNDME doesnot receive commissions. Only fees are applicable to the Creator when he wishesto receive the funds (see article 4.4 for this purpose).


The Donor does notassume any expenses by making a donation.




This Websitecontains material that is the exclusive property of PLEASEFUNDME, including,but not limited to, web design, original idea, logos, design and structure.These elements are protected by the Copyright Act and the Trade-marksAct. Except under the Act, any reproduction is prohibited unlessPLEASEFUNDME has the written consent. The User may contact PLEASEFUNDME toobtain more information on this matter, whether to obtain information on theconditions for obtaining consent and / or concerning the rules to be respected.The User can communicate with PLEASEFUNDME via this email:[email protected]


The contentdistributed on the Website, in a non-limiting way, belongs to PLEASEFUNDME,whether it is the User Account, their information, the assessments or commentsmade by the Users as well as any content published by a User.




This Website maycontain links to other websites. PLEASEFUNDME is not responsible for theconditions of use of these other websites. It is strongly recommended that youread the information regarding the terms and conditions of use of these other websites.


Some Member-owned websitesmay be displayed on the Website. It should be noted that all interactions withthem must comply with the PLEASEFUNDME Terms of Use. PLEASEFUNDME is notresponsible for any guarantee regarding the content or accuracy of the materialon these third-party websites. If the User decides to access these external websites,he does so at his own risk and releases PLEASEFUNDME from any liability in thisregard.


9.        LIABILITY


PLEASEFUNDME cannot be held responsible for any damage, breakage, loss of profit or otheraccording to the agreements concluded between the Members. The role ofPLEASEFUNDME being limited only to that of intermediary between the parties,its responsibility could not be engaged for the diffusion of contents on the Websiteby a Member. The use of this Website is at the risk and peril of the User orthe Member and understands that PLEASEFUNDME will not take any responsibilityfor any damage whatsoever relating to the contact between Users or Members.


PLEASEFUNDME cannot guarantee the continued effectiveness of its Website. Due to circumstancesboth under the control of PLEASEFUNDME, whether it is a brief interruption ofthe Website in order to perform maintenance or out of the control ofPLEASEFUNDME, access to the Website may be interrupted or certain limitedfunctionality for certain time. However, PLEASEFUNDME undertakes to make thenecessary efforts, to prevent any breakage may occur and to proceed to thecorrection or repair of such breakage within a reasonable time. The User understandsthat PLEASEFUNDME can not be held responsible for any prejudice caused by suchan interruption.




PLEASEFUNDMEreserves its right to randomly check the functioning of the Website and itspublished content in order to ensure compliance with the Terms of Use and tocomply with any law, regulation or any application in connection with a courtorder application or any regulatory body.


11.     WARRANTY


PLEASEFUNDME makesno warranties as to the goods or services obtained from use of the Website orin connection with a Campaign.




This agreementconstitutes a contract between PLEASEFUNDME and the Users / Members concerningthe elements treated in it. The titles are for illustrative purposes only andhave no legal value. If any provision of this Agreement is held to be invalidby a court of competent jurisdiction, such invalidity shall not affect theenforceability of the other provisions contained in this Agreement, and theremaining portions of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.


This agreementwill be interpreted in accordance with the laws of Quebec and Canada. In thecase of conflicts relating to the Terms of Use, they will be decided by thecompetent court sitting in the judicial district of Quebec, excluding conflictof laws rules.


If you have anyquestions or information regarding these terms and conditions of use, pleasecontact PLEASEFUNDME at [email protected]